Five Ways to Change Your Marketing to Reach Millennials

millennial generationMillennials were raised with much easier access to information and technology than previous generations have had. This has significantly affected how they respond to some of the most common marketing techniques. It may be necessary to change certain marketing strategies to reach this target market

Use Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to attract the attention of millennials. There are ways to display ads on these sites, but the first and most obvious way to get the attention of millennials is to create a company profile on various social media platforms. These profiles allow companies to share information and update company news. This is a benefit millennials have come to expect. Company sites are also places where customers can express concerns or offer praise, and companies can respond quickly.

Appeal to a Sense of Awareness

Millennials pride themselves on their knowledge of what is happening in the world. Some even use the term “woke” to describe this particular awareness. This means they cannot be expected to blindly believe the information that is placed in front of them. Companies that tie their messages to social, political, economic and environmental issues stand a greater chance of engaging millennials, but those companies must make sure their facts are accurate.

Be Transparent

Millennials appreciate company transparency. This is a generation that is used to an influx of information at any given time, and they appreciate truthfulness. They don’t want to have to do extensive research. It can be helpful to show how your company has become more transparent over the years. It may also be beneficial to mention any environmental, social or health initiatives that the company has.

Appeal to a Short Attention Span

When it comes to marketing, millennials have a very short attention span. A good marketing strategy would be to make advertisements short, flashy, and to the point. Millennials spend quite a bit of time online. New ads must quickly make their point, maybe with humor or a shock factor, in order to grab their attention. Millennials also have a tendency to share how impressed they are with others online. So, a great ad can reach even more of your target audience at no additional cost.

Remain New and Relevant

Millennials seem to have their finger on the pulse of what’s new and relevant. Another effective strategy may be to delve into all the latest in pop culture. Check out the latest “challenges” on social media and remain aware of new fashion and music styles. These things can be incorporated into your marketing techniques.

The Bottom Line

You can’t expect to reach millennials with tired marketing approaches. You have to innovate and challenge, inspire and stimulate. Be sure you run your ideas past actual millennials. They will be quick to tell you if your approach seems valid.